Founder / Director /
Head of Project Management

Usually he is on the phone...or exercising...or maybe both.

(713) 502-3700

Bobby is the co-owner and director of Sneaker Web Design, LLC. He plans Web Design, Web Development, and Web App (SaaS) projects, writes proposals manages them, manages the business, maintains relationships with clients/vendors, and makes sure that we all get paid around here. He is OCD about working on Sneaker Web Design as a business and gets nutty meticulous with anything he’s involved in. When he first started into the field of web development, no one could have guessed that every business in the world would be on the web. But that didn't matter to him. A lightbulb was finally turned on inside, and that thing he could feel that would be his career finally came to him. He didn't have a TV for 10 years and carried a stack of thick web development books around everywhere he went in the early days, absolutely living, breathing and dreaming it. He was passionate about it then and is still passionate about it now.

Bobby travels a lot since he lives partially in Houston and then in Zurich, Switzerland. He has 2 awesome kids, plays guitar and writes his own songs. He enjoys surfing in remote places around the world, riding dirt bikes, swimming, watching motocross and MotoGp races in the US and Europe, sports cars, nice wine, IPA’s and getting to know people. Bobby has been writing a book about his experience of going through a divorce, and another one about homelessness.

Timing is everything, and the people you do life with are part of your destiny.