Administrative Officer, Client Liaison
Languages: German, English

Wonder Woman by day, Super Mom by night

(713) 591-2082

Gerda is Co-Owner and the Administrative force behind Sneaker Web Design, LLC. If you have any questions in regards to your invoice, or if you are worried that your payment hasn't been received, she's the person to contact. But she does more than this. When Gerda first moved to the States in 1999, she worked with Research Facilities Design in San Diego, where she was involved in Technical Writing. Her attention to detail and understanding of technical content are a perfect fit for developing websites. She knows HTML and some CSS and has been in the field since the early 2000's. Gerda can be found working on Search Engine Optimization campaigns, dispersing content from websites to Social Media sites, managing client expectations, training clients on how to use WordPress, developing documentation, thoroughly testing client websites, as well as reviewing proposals and helping with the administrative task of project management (keeping an eye on the budget and the hours).

When she is not at the office, you can find her hanging out with her kids Daphne & Danny, trying to keep up with her neighbors' yards, keeping her home zoo under control, and whipping up meals to feed her small crowd. She also enjoys escaping in the black hole of Pinterest, reading blogs, watching movies, reading a book (yes, she's old school), browsing the shelves of home improvement stores and drooling over power tools, or dreaming up her next vacation in Austria with her kids.

Gerda is a native Austrian (yes, she's familiar with "The Sound of Music" and speaks German) and has a degree in Sociology and Ethnology from the University of Vienna, Austria.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~ C.G. Jung