Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Project Manager

Keeping up with cutting edge trends on server technology, security, and customer needs.

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Joseph joined us in 2013, and has been extremely dedicated to Sneaker Web Design and our clients. We consider him a partner and tremendous part of our company. Joseph has worked in the field of Web Design and Server Administration since 1998, and has been the Chief Technical Officer for a Ministry in Ireland for over 10 years before coming to Sneaker. There, he specialized in server technologies as well as PHP Development and Multimedia Technology. Joseph takes Web Hosting and Server Security very seriously, constantly researching the latest technologies and employing them after finding the best ones. He manages several projects at a time, he is our top client liaison, and everyone he works with understands how honest he is and appreciates this about him. Clients love him, and so do we.

Joseph lived in Ireland for 13 years and has only recently returned to the States with his Irish wife. Joseph is also the Associate Pastor at his local church, where he helps the community by assisting those in need when they are down by driving out to meet them in the darkest hours, listening to them, calming them down and praying for them. He visits the sick and dying in hospitals, he preaches sermons and he teaches a weekly Bible study. He also runs an online store with his wife and has written a science fiction novel.

My hope in life is to be inspirational to others, Beneficial wherever I am, and helpful to my community. If I can help one person have a better life as a result of my existing I can count my life worthwhile.