Experienced in Technology | Focused on WordPress & WooCommerce Website Maintenance

We work daily in the areas of Website Maintenance, Web Server Administration, Web Development, & SEO.

Our company fits best helping customers that already have a marketing department, but need help maintaining the back end. The marketing department updates content - text, pictures, menu systems and SEO in some cases. We back up sites, update plugins, update WordPress, PHP and database versions on servers, custom code themes, make design and mobile rendering adjustments, and basically do any work that's beyond your team's capabilities. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with your team to further their abilities so that they can be productive in maintaining websites. 

But we are capable of more than this. Sneaker also provides a variety of Website and IT Services with experience in the field since the early 2000s. We have been involved in:

  • creating successful National level B to B Web Apps and B to C Web Apps
  • IT Startups - implementing the entire IT infrastructure for companies
  • consulting for some of the largest tech companies in the world
  • creating registration websites in WordPress that can be used at events with scan guns
  • maintaining registration processes on-site anywhere, training groups, setting up systems, etc
  • setting up and maintaining networks and server rooms
  • managing Linux and Windows web hosting servers and website backups
  • managing Amazon Web Server (AWS) instances
  • establishing server policies for state level agencies
  • WordPress Training for our clients
  • information architecture
  • database architecture and maintenance
  • mobile app development
  • ecommerce on API level, adhering to security requirements for state and federal applications
  • email server maintenance
  • basically all things web.




Web Development

  • Web Design / Web Development
  • Responsive & Adaptive Websites
  • WordPress, Drupal, .Net, Java
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Ecommerce (Woo, Cart 66, Magento)

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  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Web Server Administration
  • Linux Hosting
  • Server Security
  • Email, Backups

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Mobile Apps

  • Mobile App Design
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Google Play / App Store Registration

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Online Placement

  • Strategy Creation
  • SEO, PPC
  • Social Media
  • Content Writing
  • A/B Testing

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