Sneaker Interactive is a global web development company headquartered in Houston, Texas.

"How does Sneaker's Global infrastructure of Web Developers & IT Support help my company?"

If you have a demand for excellence in your large web development and/or systems integration projects but can't stomach the large costs associated with that kind of work, we've got something for you here. With 20 years of experience in Web Design, Web Development and IT Support, you will be in good hands with us. Here's how Sneaker's Global infrastructure of Web Developers & IT Support can help your company:

1. By providing you with the best web developers and support teams we have ever met.

Sneaker has set out to find the best web development teams to work with out of necessity and increasing workloads. We have adopted our approach to partnering with development teams that consist of certified Project Managers (PM's) and degreed Web Developers. We have contacted these companies for help with web developers, or they've contacted us and we started the process by trying them out on smaller projects, then if they completed the work successfully, graduated them to mid sized projects, then after successfully proving themselves, one of us has gotten on a plane and flown out to their location and checked their working environment and process over several days. We share meals with these guys, beers, music, spiritual beliefs, hugs and laughs. They've taken us to places to see their countries, and we've even had them stay for weeks here in Houston. This isn't a Skype relationship with some fly by night Indian web development chop shop. We have teams that will get the work done that we're personally connected to, and the more challenging the project, the better. These are guys who live for developing. They are extremely passionate and educated on a college level. We hired an international lawyer 2 years ago to help us navigate international business to do things like this.


2. We can provide large scale solutions cost effectively.

In today's times, there is no way that Sneaker would still be in business if we weren't able to compete on a cost level for work. In fact, with larger projects, we come in much lower than our competitors. How? We have the infrastructure, and our infrastructure isn't built on a sandy, shifty foundation. We work with the best. By sourcing most of our development to our global teams, we can provide you with web development, web application development, mobile development, systems integration, email support, online marketing and inbound computer and web app call support with personnel that actually speak English understandably. If you need Spanish, we can get that too, with a team in Columbia that we've worked with for a few years now.


3. We can support your solutions and events cost effectively.

We just saved a client $20k this year, and about $40k every year, by providing them a $30k one time solution that they can use for their yearly congress event. We have been supporting their global events for the last 3 years. They have decided to move away from hiring PCO's (personal conference organizers) every year and use their own personnel to manage their events when possible. We have set them up with scanners, badge printing functionality, the ability to measure event attendance without hiring companies to do it, and all this is connected to their WordPress website and a custom plugin we've developed for their yearly event. That's an example of how we can save you money and support your company.

4. If you're in Europe, we're there with you, in your time zones, saving you boat loads of money.

One thing the EU has managed to do most certainly is increase the cost of doing business on the web, and it seems like over here in Europe (I'm sitting at my desk in Zurich as I'm writing this), the trend is catching on, with EU businesses grabbing for the cash to get you through the regulations that seemed designed to keep EU businesses out of competition's reach, massive hourly rates and stingy, stagnant attitudes. We'll cut through that red tape as much as we possibly can, with an hourly rate that's potentially 40% less than your local web development / online marketing company. We just ran several customers through EU compliance for their websites, with the assistance of our international lawyer. Why, two of those customers are in the legal industry, one a global law firm and another an organization of 9k lawyers. That should tell you that we know what we're doing. We're good guys. I work in Zurich 40% of the time. We have clients in Europe. If you're a European company or you do business in Europe, we know Europe and we've got you covered.


5. Experience and man power.

We've been doing websites, web development, web apps, systems integration and IT support since 1999, and we have been fortunate enough to gain a lot of experience along the way by working with clients on projects that have gone beyond our abilities at the time. We've eagerly stepped up to the challenges that have faced us along the way, like in 2002 when we did an IT startup for a logistics company interfacing the largest chemical company in the world for their Gulf Coast refining operations. We set up every computer, every server, both location's networks and an inventory/supply management process from the ground up, going from scan guns all the way to delivery and invoicing. I event taught some of the vendors how to correctly format EDI documents out of the kindness of my heart, literally, because I was so excited about technology. That was a 6 month process and probably the biggest leap of faith I have ever experienced in a professional environment. It's just one example of a project that has changed the way we think about what we can do for our clients.


Growth and change of mindset has allowed us to work on projects such as:

  • State level agency server audits - Auditing server infrastructure and defining the rules that govern web server security.
  • Setting up a state-wide intranet for all IT personnel in the state level agency to work through. There are about 800 members that use it.
  • Developing a music web app marketed in New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin and Houston that connected over 15,000 members around the United States.
  • Developing a national level web app that allows credit unions to close deals for new and used car loans. There are hundreds of credit unions and hundreds of car dealers all over the nation that are customers of this app, with perhaps 80,000 cars available for purchase. I hired a developer that I took to lunch about a year later, and he was trying to show me a used car he wanted to buy. I looked at his phone and told him that we developed the app that he was using.
  • Developing a custom WordPress website for a non-profit organization that over 9,000 members use.
  • Developing custom WordPress websites for colleges.
  • Developing custom WordPress websites for Real Estate companies and Realtors.

As our company grows and the economics of the web change, we've spent time and effort structuring our business to increase work volume while decreasing costs in order to compete in today's global market. Let us show you how that can benefit your organization.

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