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Sneaker Interactive is a website development company in Clear Lake, Texas

WEB DEVELOPMENT: Sneaker plans, designs, develops and creates websites in a manner that is visually appealing and intuitive to the user.

Developing Websites and Web Applications for the World Wide Web has been our profession for over 20 years. We've got you covered. We live Web Development, sleep it, and breathe it. The web is always changing and it takes intentional effort to stay on top of current trends, but it takes wisdom to know which trends will stand the test of time, and when to harness those trends.

Web Development Houston

Are you looking for an experienced Web Development Team? Well, you've found one. Sneaker came to existence as a company to develop websites. We started as a Web Development Company in Houston, Texas in 2003. Although we provide many services beyond this, it all started with Web Development. And it even started before Sneaker. Bobby has been developing websites since the late 90's. We have created Web Applications since 2003 in several languages. Some of the languages and databases we've worked in over the years are:

  • JavaScript (Node.js & Angular.js)/MySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • .Net (C#)/MS SQL & MySQL
  • C++/Oracle
  • Ruby on Rails/MySQL
  • Python/MySQL
  • ASP/MS SQL (VB script)
  • ColdFusion/MS SQL & MySQL
  • XML

Responsive and Adaptive: We develop device friendly code that makes your website look good on phones, tablets, desktops, and large monitors. In fact, before there were CSS frameworks for Adaptive/Responsive websites, Sneaker developed a website for a company of Software Engineers at NASA with a special request that their website would adapt to mobile phones and the new iPad.

WordPress Development

Do you have a WordPress website that you need help with? We are WordPress experts, and have customized websites for companies all over the world that use them to connect thousands of users to private information, or for event registrations, for selling products online, to schedule events, to take surveys, to convey services to prospective clients, to establish a unique and clear presence in noisy industries, or to turn a company vision into reality, and that sometimes starts online with a simple out of the box WordPress website. We've seen our clients go from humble beginnings like this to companies with several employees selling products all over the world.

WordPress came into existence through Matt Mullenweg, a Houstonian that created the framework in the early 2000's for a travel blog he was using to show his friends pictures of his adventures. WordPress is now the most used website framework and CMS in the world. Sneaker has been developing WordPress websites since 2007. We were looking at WordPress in 2005, but didn't adapt it until the growth of the development community indicated that the platform had a good chance of being around for a while. Our first website in WordPress was created as an Intranet website for 400+ IT personnel within a multi location State run agency to communicate and share files through. This website was used for 12 years, and we customized its appearance before themes were introduced to WordPress.

Are you interested in learning WordPress? Then check out our In-Person WordPress Training course taught by members of our team.

We write articles all the time about WordPress and here are a few of them:

We also have professional development experience with other CMSs such as MODX (Evolution and Revolution), Joomla, and Drupal. So if you have a website on these platforms, we can help.

Web Development

Web Design Houston

Sneaker creates modern and fresh Custom WordPress Websites that are responsive and adapt to mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. We use the latest standards and technology. We plan the site architecture so that navigating is intuitive and the content visitors come for is easy to get to, the text clear and concise, with a visually appealing Graphic Design. We help you select images that further define the unique style of your company, from your own photo galleries, or from stock photography sources.

Ecommerce Development (Woo Commerce, Magento)

Are you getting the most out of your Magento ecommerce website? And did you know that Magento has been bought by Adobe and that Adobe will discontinue support for Magento 1 in June 2020? We can help you with your Magento website. We have extensive experience with Magento. We can also help you migrate away from Magento or Adobe Business Catalyst.

Sneaker has a wealth of experience in Ecommerce Development, including setting up merchant accounts, connecting payment gateways to customer accounting systems, customizing advanced shipping setups such as multiple warehouses or changing shipping services based on package weight, inventory management (import/export, bulk data cleansing, global price changes/modifications), developing Ecommerce solutions in different languages based on API's given by the merchant providers, etc. We have been developing Ecommerce solutions way before you could install a plugin and set up some key values to connect the payment gateway. We still get requests for Ecommerce systems that require custom development through API's. Let us help you with your Ecommerce needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Does your company need a SaaS application developed? We can help you, and if you have a B2B idea, your chances of having a successful SaaS application increase dramatically.

SaaS is the latest name for web applications, which have been around way longer than the new term. As early as 1995, ColdFusion pioneered the landscape with a coding language that allowed websites to connect to databases and display the contents of the database in HTML. A popular SaaS example is QuickBooks, a company that recently went to an online platform instead of the traditional desktop software approach. So did most email systems (Microsoft Office is a great example). And now communication is carried out online with SaaS. Examples are Skype, Whatsapp and Viber.

We’ve been developing SaaS since 2003 for clients, and implemented successful B2B and B2C SaaS apps for national and international use, with tens of thousands of users. Some of the SaaS projects we have done include Member Auto Center, TekMatch, and Global Resume.