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In a continuing effort to refine and improve our service offerings, website, and products, Sneaker Web Design, LLC reserves the right to discontinue products and/or service offerings at any time and/or change product and/or service offering specifications and/or designs without notice and without incurring any liability or obligation. Posted Client Estimates are intended to give a fair estimated value of the services discussed between the client and Sneaker Web Design, LLC that Sneaker Web Design, LLC might be contracted to provide. Any additional work that is not covered within an estimate is outside of the scope of the estimate. Web Design mock-ups that are presented on this site are intended to give a close representation of the graphical look of a proposed website, but the actual design may vary slightly due to transition from the design to development of an actual web page. Also, any proposed Site Maps are subject to change as specified by the client and/or Sneaker Web Design, LLC.
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