5 Elements of a High Converting Website

A website is a very important asset to any business owner. It serves as a storefront that represents you, your service/product, and your brand in the digital marketplace.There are many platforms that can serve the same purpose but having your own website proves your credibility and can be your number one platform with conversion. If you’re looking to establish your digital presence with a website you can easily get professionals by typing “web development company near me” into that search bar. You can get a Magento development company or a WordPress development company but, as a business owner, you should know as well what elements will help you make that website worth the price of what you paid for. Here are 5 elements that are most often found in high converting websites:


When it comes to web design and web development, there are many ways to get creative and present your brand in unique ways. But to make sure your website’s aesthetic serves its purpose, you need to clearly express your value statement. This statement expresses the value of your product and service in a clear and concise manner. The more easily you get that message across your audience, the better. Keep it short, simple, clear and it should contain the problem your product/service solves along with the results your customers can expect. You can also employ creative visual elements that can make your value statement more understandable. Get creative but keep it organized.


A Call to Action is one of the most common ways to make sure your marketing assets convert. It can vary depending on how you deliver your product or service. It can be as easy as “buy now”, “subscribe here”, or “book now”. But if you’re looking to get leads through a newsletter, ebook, or by sending them to another landing page, you can use different phrasing. Just make sure your Call to Action is eye-catching and makes sense for your product or service. A WordPress or Magento development can easily incorporate that feature for you so talk to your web designer on how you’d like it to appear.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of User Experience when it comes to converting website traffic. You need to understand that no one would buy from you , book a meeting with you, or even inquire if your website is difficult to work through. You need to keep it user-friendly and fun to navigate through. You can consult your web designer and developer to help you make your website’s navigation as pleasant as possible. If users find your website easy to handle, it can also give the impression that making the purchase will have that same level of convenience as well.


Regardless of what you’re selling on your website, you’ll need to add in some screenshots of your product or service on there. It’s important to set expectations and show off your product to entice your audience to make that purchase. Especially if your product is tangible like apparel, food, or gadgets – all the more reason for you to include high quality photos in your website. Take advantage of visual content and get creative. You can use videos, infographics, or even GIFs to showcase your product.


It’s always a great idea to include testimonials from your clients in your website content. This creates a sense of trust and reliability that proves to your audience that you are a serious and dependable business owner. You don’t necessarily need to go overboard and include all of your clients but make sure to cite testimonials from clients that provide the same kind of credibility. For example, your product is an app especially for web designers in Houston, then cite clients in Houston and include links to the social media pages or portfolios to prove that they are as credible as you.

Creating a website may seem daunting but it’s a process that can be an opportunity to introduce your product/service, your business, and your values as a business owner in the most creative of ways. It is always recommended to get professional help to make sure you make the most out of your website so feel free to visit https://sneakerwebdesign.com/services/web-development/ and learn more.

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