A New Internet Focus – Putting Data back into the hands of the User

A New Internet Focus – Putting Data back into the hands of the User

In the modern day web we find and hear more and more that data breaches are exposing our data, personal information, habits, and profiles to groups that will likely not be using such data for good.

Besides sites like Facebook or LinkedIn and password exposures, recently we have heard about sites that research DNA and ancestry information having been breached. (source) It is entirely possible for the dark web to know your blood type genetic traits to be used for illegal organ harvesting.

Tim Berners-Lee, one of the key founders of the modern internet has plans to rebuild and restructure the internet for the people and put data controls into our hands rather than the corporate world, ISP and more. (source)

  • Why is data so important?

Data shapes trends, advertisements, products, politics, opinion and focus of the world around us, just to name a few aspects it is used for when handled properly. I was one of many that did not care about what Facebook knew about me. I literally only post what I am not worried about the world knowing. The app also data mines on smart phones, every text message, every email, website and more from your phone as well. I have nothing to hide, so what does it matter? (source)

  1. Identity Theft
  2. Credit Impacts
  3. Social Engineering
  4. Personal Information
  5. Vulnerable  Aspects

While I was unconcerned with my conversations and generic information on Facebook from going public, private conversations on my phone from the social, charitable, and personal conversations I have had with friends, family and other contacts are not good to go public. One of the aspects of my life is private counseling. Knowing now that Facebook kept records of everything I did on my phone including voicemails, texts, and phone numbers I have spoken to are also public now due to hackers, breaches and data selling this is not good and a very large breach of trust others had in me to keep some things private.

Equifax data breach (happened years ago and was ongoing – likely still is going on – source) exposed my credit card numbers, purchase habits, social security information and more. Yet those responsible for such information and its protection was hardly given a slap on the wrist and the public barely gave it notice.

  • Ways to keep your data safe

Do not share anything with anyone you do not want public. Not in a text or email or voicemail or even phone call. Assume that information will go public at some point. This includes photos, conversations, and confidential information or personal details of your life or the lives of others. Conversations in person are always best. Password protect files you share with others that needs to remain safe. Grandmas recipe for chocolate cake is not that vital to keep safe, sending a photo of your passport to a travel agency, your social security card info to your bank or a copy of your credit information would be.

  • New focus

If this new drive takes root and gains momentum we could see a better internet eventually however the internet, its structure and control is in the hands of Corporate shills, and big business that do not want such measures to be put in place. It will be a long time before change takes place, but the more pressure we place on those in charge and request sweeping changes, we can and hopefully will soon see the change the Internet needs.


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Source of topic: –https://www.zdnet.com/article/web-inventor-berners-lee-creates-a-new-privacy-first-way-of-dealing-with-the-internet/



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