Amazon Web Services and the Oil and Gas Industry

Amazon Web Services and the Oil and Gas Industry

Keeping growth and expandability possible

Web technology and growth is ever-changing and increasing. Recently we had a client that grew too big for our standard web server hosting. We were excited to offer them our knowledge and find a custom solution in Amazon AWS services. The client is an industry leader in Gas and Oil measurement technologies with online e-commerce, seminars, training events, and custom software solutions. As part of the e-commerce they were already using AWS S3 hosting for storing their product and downloads.

A move into the Cloud

The needs for their large website and services increased every year, finally the growth became part of the need, and the cloud technology of Amazon AWS was the solution. Leveraging expandable server software, virtual disk storage and huge availability bandwidth the client now has a fast website and server in EC2, using S3 for redundant backup solutions, Server level snapshots and stability that hard to match on any other service platform. The cloud allows clients to leverage CPU, performance and data storage to be global in scope and scale. A single click and a server or service can have instantaneous expandable processor power and bandwidth.

Keeping up with trends and ability

Physical computers and servers are limited. In the cloud a client can have as much performance as needed and then some. To update a physical server someone has to go and add a drive, add memory update and reboot software as needed often times resulting in down time that could be entirely avoidable.

In the cloud… instant updates, instant upgrades to services is just… awesome!

Keeping ahead of the competition necessitates maximum uptime and performance for the website, the server, the software downloads and sales. AWS was the solution that helped and it is possibly the solution your company is looking for too!

Let Sneaker assist you with your next move into the Cloud and keep ahead of the curve in your industry.


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