7 Tips for SEO using Vlogs, Blogs, Scripts and More…

7 Tips for SEO using Vlogs, Blogs, Scripts and More…

There is a growing trend in the last few years for all sorts of businesses to try to capitalize on the latest thing in media and internet. At the beginning of the Internet Days it was animated gifs dancing across your screen to catch the eye of the web surfer. Those were the days of dial-up speeds and 101 AOL discs being shoved through your mailbox.

Recently SEO companies are pushing clients to try posting blogs, vlogs and more in attempts to gain traction on internet traffic.

Video can be helpful for SEO if you do it regularly and the quality or uniqueness is enough to catch the attention of the viewer. There is an additional SEO bonus if you upload to Youtube – auto generated transcripts filled with keywords and buzzwords to SEO videos!

As a techie it pains me to admit that occasionally I do have to look up how to do some things on the web. What always puzzled me is when searching in Google for a particular item, Google puts Youtube video results at the Top of the SEO ranks for some searches. Even more puzzling is when the video is relevant AND posted by someone you know is not using keywords, metatags and other SEO friendly means to get that video in your search results. Wow.

Vlogs and Blogs hold SEO clout even today. These may be a method for you that could have positive results on your SEO, web traffic and brand exposure.

What to consider when planning SEO for Vlogs, Blogs (and other media):

  1. Think of your end goal – Entertainment or Education
  2. Who is your target audience – Customers or General Internet
  3. Drive content to conversion – From Viewer to Paying Client
  4. Keywords with Quality Content – Give the viewer what they came to see
  5. Audio should be clear and coherent – use microphones where possible
  6. Plan with a script what you want to say
  7. Do not just read the script

These are just some of the basics that may help you reach a new audience as well as gain SEO traction in a new manner.

Editing is key, whether in video or text. Have someone review your efforts and give you feedback. And don’t take it personally if it seems critical. Remember that critical feedback can tighten up your message.

If you would like more tips on some of what the SEO basics can do for your website and how to drive more traffic and convert visitors to customers, please contact us at Sneaker Web Design for SEO help! Contact us

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