Leveraging Amazon Web Services for your site or your SaaS projects

Leveraging Amazon Web Services for your site or your SaaS projects

What is AWS

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a cloud-based storage space which can be used as a lightning-speed server which has been going for many years now. In the inner-workings of setting up and navigating through the various settings, options and possible working environments and solutions it is easy to be overwhelmed and not get the best out of what is available. It’s one of the many options we handle here at Sneaker.

So how do we use AWS?

We work with clients in AWS that need robust Database solutions in RDS, Multiple Custom servers setup in EC2, advanced storage solutions and product distribution in S3, as well as CloudFront CDN for global load balancing, and most recently a custom CDN Firewall solution in CloudWatch. Impressive???….well maybe daunting. Working directly with AWS is no joke. We firmly believe in Cloud Technologies that can be leveraged with this amazing service for any real-estate, oil and gas, whatever kind of project you have. From something as simple as a fully cristalizable hosting solution for your website or e-commerce platform that needs to be able to double, triple the available resources with a few simple clicks, or to help host and maintain that next amazing App idea, AWS works great for an ever increasing variety of technical solutions.

Continued AWS Training

When and where possible Sneaker attends AWS webcasts and in-person AWS training events to stay on top of the every growing platform and the abilities they offer. AWS may be overkill for some business needs, but for those that need it the power and strength of the platform has been wonderful to engage with to provide our clients the solutions they need.

Are you interested in leveraging this solution?

Sneaker can connect with your team to discuss custom AWS solutions or to help implement a growth plan for your project to have a future on a cloud based server. It’s an endless horizon of possibilities.

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