Between ‘URGENT!’ and ‘Not now…’

Modern Life is no excuse

It is a known fact that the modern life has a lot more going on than our forefathers.
Mind you I am much happier clicking a mouse button to achieve my income than harvesting corn or something like that.

When it comes to making a living from the Internet in any way shape or form you have to stay ahead of the curve for several areas…

  1. Ensure your website or app is current and works well.
  2. Try to keep your design modern, relevant, and clean but still in fitting with your product.
  3. Stay up to date with your website domain, security certs, and licenses.

Overall this does not seem like much yet the last one seems to trip up people from time to time.
We do our best to stay on top of these items for clients – often times without being asked.
However it is always in your best interest to stay in the loop and keep a calendar to remind you of upcoming renewals for each of your Website needs.
While we are discussing this please, please, please keep a record of your domain name Registrar, login Username and Password. You would not believe how many of our time is used assisting the recovery of that information. We keep records once we have and need to save client details, but so should you. Do not rely entirely on your web team to keep a copy of all of that information. Often companies move to a new development team and fire the old one, without getting valuable data about their web properties.

On our new hosting platform we are developing, we have an amazing feature, it is called – email reminders. When a domain name is about to expire, the system will send out an email warning the user of this. This works for SSL, and hosting account reminders too!
It seems like such a simple thing to get an email from the system automatically reminding you to renew something, but it happens with junk mail and other clutter with our In-Box that we miss the reminders. Worse still, we sometimes leave things until the last moment to take care of them. Something not an issue for 60 days? Look at it again in 30 days. 30 days left? I will look at it next week. All of these slowly become “URGENT our website is down!” issues that could be avoided.

A good web-host will remind you of upcoming billing cycles, renewals and more. Overall it is the difference between leaving something until it is too late and not now becomes an urgent issue.


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