Firewall, Security, and Shielding in the Cloud

Firewall, Security, and Shielding in the Cloud

Sometimes you need more protection

AWS Amazon web services holds great power and potential for a multitude of needs. The basic level of security and firewalls is simply amazing.
In a project we launched in the Cloud about 2 years ago recently came under attack directly from a hacker with the sole intent to bring the system down. Amazingly their best effort only resulted in a service rebooting, but the fact that they were able to hit the client in the cloud to start with was not a good thing at all. AWS has a free level of Firewall protection, DDOS protection, and IP Firewalls however in this case it was not enough.

Advanced level of protection and WAF

For just a few more dollars a month we were able to custom build a Web Application Firewall with Data reports, application and bandwidth heuristics and active level responses. Using CloudFront, Application Load Balancer, CloudWatch, Lambda Computing, and more… to custom build an even more advanced level of protection for the client… all leveraging the services within AWS.

Custom needs, Custom Solutions

With Amazon AWS and Cloud Solutions your company can grow and remain protected all within the confines of affordability and responsiveness you would expect from a billion dollar web service.

A study in client needs – remains in the cloud with 99.9% uptime and an a custom firewall as well as a CDN for Global availability.


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