QR Code / Attendance Tracking Plugin for WordPress

QR Code / Attendance Tracking Plugin for WordPress

Even during a global pandemic, many companies are still finding ways to host live events, such as virtual meetings, or in-person events that enforce social distancing. With any big event, whether it’s virtual or in real life, it’s important to keep track of who is attending. At Sneaker Web Design LLC, we created a QR / Attendance Tracking plugin for WordPress to make attendance tracking easier. The QR / Attendance Tracking plugin has been utilized at multiple conferences around the world and can be customized to suit your needs.


How It Works

The QR / Attendance Tracking plugin can enhance your pre-existing registration process (don’t have one of those? Don’t worry. We have been creating online registration apps, websites and plugins since 2005.) and is highly customizable, and we will work with you to ensure that you are happy with the final product. For example, if the event or conference your company is hosting has various sessions, the plugin will be modified to account for that.

The QR / Attendance Tracking plugin is attached to your WordPress website or registration process, and QR codes are created for each individual who registers. The attendees will receive their personal QR code through an email which will be automatically sent to them after they register for the event. Once they get to the actual event, the attendee will need to pull up their QR code on their phone, and it will be scanned by event staff at the reception area using a scan gun. Once the code has been scanned, it gets read by the scanner and identifies the page it needs to go to on your WordPress website to so that staff will be able to identify the attendee and distribute their personalized badge. Ideally, the badges will have been printed in advance, but a printer will need to be available onsite in case anyone registers for the event last minute. We have used several printers onsite where large events require lots of printing onsite. When it comes to advanced printing, you can do this from a registrants list page view, and use a check all feature to print every record on the page. We can assign as many as 250 records to show up on each list page, but we’ve found that it works best at about 150 records per page with normal printers. We could even assign all records to print at once if necessary and provided that an excellent printer can handle the job. This is one area where our customization is flexible enough to match your needs.


More About the QR Code Itself

The QR codes assigned to each individual contain basic personal information and can be used as a source for networking. Essentially, it’s a virtual business card, and when scanned, the data provided by the QR code will be transferred to the phone’s contacts.

The same QR codes can be used for attendance tracking and function differently. Staff will be present outside of each event, and will scan in each attendee’s individual QR code, using the scan guns, which will start the attendance tracking. Once they’ve been scanned into an event, from then on, the attendee’s id will be linked to each event they’ve attended. Information from the scans will then need to be uploaded onto a computer and into Session Attendance tables in the admin area of your WordPress website.


Administrative Aspects of our Plugin

Staff with credentials will have the ability to login to an admin area where they will be able to access the pages which are necessary to manage the event, through the navigation structure provided by the plugin. They will be able to add, edit, and delete records as needed. As aforementioned, staff will have the ability to print additional badges from your WordPress website. The information visibly presented on the badges will be entirely up to you. We can provide onsite training, technical support, and assist in setting up printers and computer systems as desired.

With our QR Code Attendance Tracking plugin, the attendance information, now stored in your website’s database, has the ability to be exported in CSV format (or PDF) so that the information can be further analyzed and used by your company to improve future events. Since the attendance information is linked to the user profile, you can get any field of information on your users as well.

  • There is a user list view that allows you to see the reports by user. In that view, you get a list of all the events that the user has attended, grouped by user. For example, Jack Brooks attended Events #1 (10:30am Riding class), #3 (12pm lunch with CEOs) and #5 (2:30pm Grooming class). John Stevens attended Events #5 (details), 6 and so forth for each user, with all the details you want to see.
  • The regular attendance views are by event/session with a participants list that includes all the information that you need to see.


What We’ve Done

The Badge/QR plugin has been available and improving for the last 5 years, and at Sneaker Web Design LLC, we’ve worked through every detail to provide the best plugin possible. This technology has been used at various conferences already around the world, including events in Italy, Australia, Mexico, and the USA. For more information review our detailed description at https://sneakerwebdesign.com/services/sneaker-badge-qr-code-plugin-for-wordpress, or email us at [email protected] to start preparing for your next event, or visit our website sneakerwebdesign.com to learn more about us.


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