Help, my site got hacked and now people are dying everywhere!

Help, my site got hacked and now people are dying everywhere!

Just the other day we got an emergency phone call about a site that was hacked and now the company is losing business. Don’t let this happen to you.

When you are making websites, security is paramount for every one. Even if a website does not have e-commerce or personal data which can be accessed by a hacker, the website security is a priority to us. Hackers, bots and more will target any and every website for the sole purpose of gaining access to items such as content, passwords, email addresses, FTP access and more. Even if you may not think your website could be a potential target for attack, we do.

As long as hosted websites can be taken over, injected with malware and other inappropriate content, then it will always be a concern.

We do like to brag about taking an active role in our servers, and client websites security. When the huge “heartbleed” vulnerability was made public, we patched the servers the moment a fix was made known, we patched it before the hosting company, before the server software. This has happened several times since we like to keep up to date on the general security news releases for the industry in general. Today we patched our servers against the new Apache vulnerability that was announced just a few days ago. Not just our servers, but the servers we manage for our clients as well in the AWS Amazon services cloud.

Server security and website security is a valuable service we provide for every one of our hosted websites, from the small charity website, to the industrial giants we help. If we care about every client and their website needs across the board, we imagine that helps everyone stay safe.

Besides security on the server and website level, we love backups. We backup our backups even. We have backups stored on the server level for our clients as well as two outside backup locations. One of our backup locations is AWS S3 cloud storage. With storage for backups in the cloud we are able to rotate, archive and restore websites large and small should the need arise.

The website level of security is important to us and our clients. While most of our clients we host use WordPress for most of their needs, we also chose security plugins and settings that protect our clients on the website level of security as well.

In short, everyone needs to make sure their site is secure but if you choose not to then at least keep our number handy so we can recover what has gone missing.

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