How to take your Small Business Global (Simplified)

How to take your Small Business Global (Simplified)

It goes without saying that we are all for business on the internet. We are Sneaker Web Design after all and we believe in the power of the internet. Take for example when President Barack Obama took his oath of office. The CDN company Akamai streamed that one single event to over 20 million live viewers with only a three second delay. We are living in the day and age where a single event can be broadcast broad and wide to countries around the world.

It seems to be a no brainer that the internet is a great way to be accessible to more business areas around the world. It is confusing when this seems like a strange idea today in the modern world yet we do still encounter clients that are confused about improving on set standards and “old school” methods of promoting your business.

In the early 90’s the internet was little more than chat rooms, bulletin boards and websites with dancing gif’s and perhaps a business or two that was highly forward thinking. Websites were mostly text, business card information and little else. Today the internet puts the world at your doorstep. 

Smartphones, tablets and even internet enabled fridges and cars are now becoming the norm. Overseas companies in Asia will tell you time and again, people use devices for everything from paying bills to even paying for a meal on their phone automatically. Can you imagine a grocery store that has no employees and you are billed entirely based on what you put on a countertop and you pay with a web chat app? It is happening. Amazon is even trying to experiment with this model of store too. The future is technology and the internet is growing ever more technical and interesting. It is time to use this to your advantage.

  1. Be willing to take risks
  2. Learn from your mistakes
  3. Turn ideas into capital
  4. Grow your business audience
  5. Use trends to your benifit
  6. Social Media is still relevant
  7. Advertise to your target audience
  8. Use Analytics to educate yourself about who uses your website
  9. Make plans and goals
  10. Reach for the stars

Start your website project today, let us train you on how to do everything yourself if you like the hands-on approach – or let us do everything for you with your dreams and goals as our guide.
Your business success is around the corner, or around the globe. How will you reach your target audience if you never connect, plug-in and sell to the international market.

Sneaker Web Design is ready to start your Custom application, WordPress design, or mobile application. Contact us today for more information!

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