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DIGITAL MARKETING can make your brand known online, increase leads and sales, and help potential clients find your company.

People are searching for whatever product or service it is you sell and at this stage of the world wide web, there is more competition than ever. Let's cut through the noise with some clear messages about your company that will take you to the top in your market.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Every aspect of Digital Marketing starts with creating a strategy and then funneling everything the marketing team does through that strategy. We will get to the bottom of your company's goals through a series of questions. The answers given will be reviewed and then Sneaker will research your market. Once we arrive at an initial strategy, we will have a meeting and tighten it up with your experience. Once it's set, we will get to work on the stated goals to generate more sales for your business and a larger web presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Part of the Digital Marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where we are involved in work like reviewing your keyphrases and the keyphrases used in your market or industry. We also analyze the performance of your website and the hierarchical structure to determine what will need to be improved upon to increase search engine rankings. We will keep a list of keyphrases and track their progress with SEO reports generated weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. Keyphrases in the pages on your website comprises "on-page" SEO.

But there is also "off-page" SEO. Off-page SEO refers to content about your company that exists in places like your industry's leading publications, social media sites such as Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, or blogs, vlogs and forums that are industry related. We will funnel visitors of these sites back to your website, which increases your rankings (aka backlinks).

Social Media

Social Media has been known to push the engagement level that brands can have with their clients. In today’s world-wide-web, social media has taken a very real and prominent part of the marketing landscape. We help our clients through dispersion of content to the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. We also run paid campaigns on some of these platforms, where we can target with pinpoint accuracy your customer and run a campaign with a few hundred dollars that's much more effective than paying thousands of dollars elsewhere.

Pay Per Click

Also known as PPC, Pay Per Click is the process of placing ads online in order to get customers to your website. We can discuss your target Ad Word spend, ask you some questions about your goals, then come up with a plan that helps you achieve them. From there, we will create an ad based on your target goals which links to a landing page on your website where potential clients can either buy your products and services, or read more information on them and contact you to discuss a potential purchase.

Your company really is only a click away from your target audience. We can help get you that click that results in another sale of your product or service.

Content Writing

Good content writing is very serious business and separates a clear message from a cloudy one. If you read a paragraph by someone who learned a language as an adult verses someone native to that language, you can tell the difference, even if both are grammatically correct. Good content writing is really about writing in the language of the people you are trying to reach in a way that they are intimately familiar with, and this can go very deep.

Sneaker can help your company achieve clear messages through techniques we've learned sitting in many seminars, as well as through 20 years of experience in the field. We've hired a mentor group that constantly teaches us the most effective methods of getting a company's message across, and we read books to understand this subject well. It's important to us. Getting good SEO results also requires that articles are written on your website regularly. We can write articles on your website and disperse them across the web to increase your keyphrase rankings and also clearly tell your prospective customers about your products and services.

A/B Testing

Did the first ad work better than the second one? Are you better off using a picture of a man, or a woman in your ad? These are some of the questions that we try to answer during our A/B testing. Using two versions of the same ad (version A, version B) and statistically comparing their success lets us know where to put your marketing dollars.

We can track everything with Google Analytics and other sources, such as HubSpot. These tools let us know how users are interacting with your messages. Let us help you formulate the best content or ads, and then test to see which one is making the greatest impact.